“I don’t care if my leg catches fire, just get the ink out!!!”

Clearing the Canvas

After momentary concern that not another practitioner in Birmingham would have a laser, I  found a new dermatologist who agreed to the earlier doctor’s rate of $400/session for both tattoos.  So from 2007 to 2011, I had another 22-24 (yep, MORE THAN TWENTY) sessions.  I tried to be diligent in my photographic history, but after a while, I wasn’t as effective.  In fact, sadly, I failed to note the dates.  However, I am sure you can get the gist of it.

Alternating by treatment dates:


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Next series:



Similarly, I was diligent early on with logging a report about every different kind and setting of laser.  That was up and until I realized that they tried them all on every setting: YAG, Q Switch, Alexandrite, high, low, and every type and setting in between.  The dermatologist gave me some free and deeply discounted sessions along the way, as I…

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Phoenix 2 Tattoo

Mill Road Traders' Association

Owner Peter Ladds and his daughter Phoebe run this tattoo shop on Mill Road. At one point it was called ‘Moving Pictures’, but in 2013 they refurbished and rebranded as Phoenix 2 Tattoo. This tattoo shop has been on Mill Road for decades and tattooist Peter has over 30 years of experience in the profession.

They welcome walk ins and custom work and are fully certified by the local Environmental Health authority.

Telephone: 07561 143307

Opening hours: Monday CLOSED, Tuesday to Thursday 11.00-18.00, Friday and Saturday 10.00-17.00, Sunday CLOSED 


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Song of the now: Ed – Dry me out  Ed was a band from Tel Aviv and are to this day one of the most interesting acts I have heard in the last ten years.They only…


TAM Blog

By Marisa Kakoulas

Source: http://www.needlesandsins.com

In The Guardian today is feature called “Painted Ladies: Why women get tattoos.” Normally, I find these types of articles banal, or even cringe worthy, for perpetuating cliches or not offering a broad spectrum of experience from our community. And so I was happily surprised to find many different voices of tattooed women in this article.

While there need not be any great miraculous reason to get tattooed, tattoos do come with a story, from an impulse to get a quick piece of historic flash to a full body project. I found the profiles of these women to be really interesting, and they made me think on the commonaIities and differences of our experiences with tattoos.

I particularly loved reading about Juanita Carberry, a merchant navy steward, who died in July at age 88. Here’s a bit from her story:

“The daughter of a renegade Irish peer, Carberry lived an…

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